Battles of the Third Age FAQ

The Battles of the Third Age FAQ was updated on July 26th 2006.

Game Play

Q If any Characters are killed, are they still considered "in game"?

A No, eliminated characters are not "in game".

The Power of the Shadow

Q When the third step of the Power of the Shadow is chosen the Shadow player places specific units; if those named have no figures available can the Shadow player place another unit type in lieu of these as happens when flipping Recruitment Tokens?

A No, if a unit type is unavailable no unit of that type is placed.


Q What does happen if all the Fate tiles are drawn and more Fate tiles need to be drawn?

A All the normal Fate tiles are reinserted into the Fate Pool, the special tiles are not reinserted.

Q The +2 Fate Tile advances the Fate Marker two spaces on the Fate Track. Then it makes you draw another Fate Tile. Does this additional draw follow standard rules? Can the Free Peoples player draw a number of Fate Tiles equal to the number of Action Dice in the Shadow Box?

A Only a single Fate Tile is drawn additionally, it's not a complete series of Fate Tile re-draws.

Q If the result of the 'No Living Man am I' Fate Tile is to draw another fate Tile does this new draw follow standard rules? Can the Free Peoples player draw a number of Fate Tiles equal to the number of Action Dice in the Shadow Box?

A Whenever you are directed to "draw another tile" this is just a straightforward one-tile draw.

The Action Dice

Q How many Action Dice can the players obtain?

A The maximum number of Action Dice in the Pool (at any time) is nine for the Shadow and six for the Free Peoples.

The Action Tokens

Q Can the Free Peoples player still use his Action Tokens after he has used all his dice but the Shadow player has dice left (i.e. can he 'pass' with no Action dice left and use an Action Token)?

A Yes, as long as the Shadow player has Action dice left the Free Peoples player may continue to use Action Tokens, but as soon as the Shadow player has used the last die, any unused tokens can't be used.


Q Do all armies involved in a Combined Attack suffer the penalty if at least one of the attacking armies attack across a border which forces the army to hit only on sixes?

A No, only the army attacking across the "difficult" border suffer the penalty.


Q If an Event card instructs you to apply damage to an army, and that army is in a Stronghold, are the hits first allocated to the Protection of the Stronghold?

A If a card is "directed" to an army (i.e. does not cause an attack which then damages the army), damage ignores the Stronghold. If the card indirectly damages an army (e.g. provoking an attack against a Region) then the Stronghold provides protection.

Q If a Free Peoples Stronghold is empty while still not breached, can the Shadow player move units directly into the Stronghold, and if so use the Protection value of the Stronghold in the event of an attack by the Free Peoples?

A Yes, the Shadow player can move units directly into the Stronghold and use the Protection value of the Stronghold.

Generic Event Cards

Q 'Call to Arms' - Can an army containing a Leader or Character move two Regions since the army brings its Leader with it?

A No, the Leader or Character must be in the moved to Region before the army moves.

Q 'Call to Arms' - Can a Shadow army move two Regions to a Region containing a Shadow Leadership Token?

A Yes, each Shadow Leadership token is considered a Leader.

Q 'Encirclement' - Does the moved army have to participate in the Combined Attack?

A No, you can move one army and then use two or more different armies in the Combined Attack.

Q 'Stand and Fight” - Are the Mûmakil units reduced to a Combat Strength of 2 if the Shadow player plays this card?

A Yes.

The Shadow Leadership Tokens

Q Can the Shadow have more than nine Leadership tokens in play in the same turn?

A No, the maximum number of tokens in play is nine.

Q Can the Shadow move Army A from a Region but leave any Leadership tokens behind since with the same die he also moves army B into the Region in which he left the Leadership tokens behind?

A Yes, if this can be done in the proper sequence: move army B into the Region, move army A out of that. The two armies are not assumed to merge until the end of the movement. However if you leave the Leaders behind while they are not with any army, they are immediately removed.

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