Rohan Scenario FAQ

The Rohan FAQ was updated on August 2nd 2006.


Q Gandalf the White's 'Enemy of Sauron' ability is different in the two scenarios. Is it supposed to be like that?

A No, the correct wording of the ability is: "Use and discard permanently an Action Token to change one unused Action Die result into a Will of the West die result."

Q The German version of Saruman's Voice ability allows him to attack with +1 on the dice, is this correct?

A No, it should (as the Witch-King's ability in the Gondor scenario) allow him to perform a Rally action on three armies with +1 on the die rolls.

Story Event Cards

Q 'Grimbold and Elfhelm, Marshals of the Mark' - Can the Shadow army attacked Rout?

A No, both Routs and Retreats are prohibited by the card, as "Rout" can be translated as "take your losses, then Retreat".

The Characters

Q Can Théoden be mustered if Edoras was captured by the Shadow but then retaken by the Free Peoples?

A Yes. You should also remember that "a Character can be put in play even if the entry Region is occupied by enemy Units or is controlled by the enemy; but any Free Peoples Units which are to be put in play at the same time in this Region are not recruited." This means that if you get Gandalf the White into the Edoras Region you can still bring Théoden into play (minus the cavalry unit) in Edoras even if the Region is controlled by the Shadow.

The Ents

Q Can the Ents enter and move through Regions containing Shadow Recruitment counters, and if so are the Recruitment counters destroyed?

A The Ents can enter and move through Regions containing Shadow Recruitment counters but since the Ents don't give the Free Peoples the control of the Region the Recruitment counters are not destroyed.

Q Can the Ents launch multiple attacks against the same army during one activation?

A Yes.

Q How is an Ent attack against the Orthanc Region resolved?

A The Stronghold does not affect the Ents' to hit roll (they always hit on the results of 5 and 6) but any hits scored must first be allocated against the protection and first when the Stronghold is breached are the hits allocated to the army inside.

Q What happens if the Ents enter the Orthanc Region and Saruman is alone there?

A Orthanc's destruction by the Ents is represented by the Fate track, so an "early" assault on Orthanc would represent a different type of Event, which would not affect Saruman if he's not involved in a battle. To put pressure on Orthanc the Free Peoples also need a Rohirrim army as well as the Ents.

The Units

Q Can the Half-Orcs' ability (if successful) be used to remove two or more Half-Orc units and remove three Damage Tokens with each removed unit?

A Only one Half-Orc can be taken as a casualty to remove three Damage Tokens. More Half-Orcs can be taken but will only remove two Damage Tokens each.

Q Can the Rohan footmen's 'Shieldwall' ability be used to reduce the damage scored against a Stronghold?

A Yes.

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