Gandalf the Grey, The Grey Wanderer

Old and wise in the ways of the world; Gandalf is the great orchestrater behind the plans to prevent Sauron from finding the One Ring and spreading his shadow over the world.

Strider, Ranger of the North

A descendant from the house of Isildur and the rightful heir to the Throne of Gondor. This Ranger from the North will do everything in his power to protect Frodo from harm.

Boromir, Son of Denethor

As the next Steward of Gondor Boromir is an excellent warrior with a keen eye and a strong arm. But if his strenght of mind is equally strong remains to be seen.

Gimli, Son of Gloin

As all dwarves Gimli is a proud warrior, swift and skillfull with his axes and one to uphold his word once it has been given. He is the Dwarven representative in the Fellowship

Legolas, Son of Thranduil

Legolas is the Prince of Mirkwood and a master with the bow even when compared to his own kind. He is the Elven representative in the Fellowship

Peregrin Took, Hobbit Companion

The more reckless and immature of the hobbits following Frodo on his great journey. Perhaps he will grow into a more responsible person during the adventure.

Meriadoc Brandybuck, Hobbit Companion

Merry is the more down to earth hobbit. He is more likely to see the greater picture and the seriousness in their undertaking, than his younger friend Pippin.

The Ring-bearers, Frodo and Samwise

As the designated Ringbearer the burden of destroying the One ring weighs heavily on Frodo, fortunately he has his servant and friend Sam to lean on. Will their combined strength be enough?

The Witch-king, The Black Captain

A N˙menˇrean Prince who after swearing loyalty to Sauron became a powerful Sorcerer. His knowledge of the Black Arts is second only to the Dark Lord himself and he is the Evil one┤s most trusted lieutenant.

The Mouth of Sauron, Lieutenant of Barad-dűr

A Man of great power and importance in the land of Mordor.
He will be the one to rule the lands of the West once the Shadow has conquered them completely.

Saruman, Corrupted Wizard

Once the greatest of the Istari, now Saruman of Many Colors has alligned himself with Mordor in an effort to seize the One Ring for himself. Little does he know that Sauron is using him as a puppet in his war with the Free Peoples of Middle Earth.

Gollum, Slave of the Ring

Gollum was the unfortunate victim of the Ring once it was found after Isildur lost it over two millenia ago. It transformed him into a creature of malice and trickery. Does he have another great part to play in the tale of the One Ring?

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