The Elves that still dwell in the old world know of the danger that Sauron poses to all the Free Peoples of Middle-earth. Under the guidence of great leaders such as Celeborn of Lorien, Thranduil of the Woodland Realm, Cirdan the Shipwright, and Elrond of Rivendell the Elves are ready for war.

The Dwarves live in their mountain-halls to the north-east and the north-west, and under the Lonely Mountain King Dain II rules his kingdom of Erebor. The Dwarves are more concerned with their own affairs and are not so easily kindled to join the alliance to stand against the armies of Mordor.

The lands of Rohan are close to Isengard, and the forces of Théoden are not prepared to face full-blown war. If the Free Peoples are to recieve any help from the plains of the Horse Lords they must act quickly to lessen Saruman's threat or risk losing Rohan before the War of the Ring has even begun.

The land of Gondor is the first line of defense against the armies of Mordor, here the outcome of the War could be decided. The Shadow is trying hard to strike befor the defenses of the White City are ready, and if Gondor is not roused all might be lost.

In the North there are lands of Men and of Hobbits, all havens that are resisting the Shadow. Scattered and few in numbers they might still prove an invaluable ally for the Free Peoples if warned early of the threat posed by the growing Shadow.

In the land of Mordor, in the tower of Barad-dûr, the Dark Lord Sauron has gathered his strenght. From here he has summoned all his allies and from here he is planning the War that will cover all the world in darkness.
He is lacking only one thing to become unstoppable,
The One Ring!

From the tower Orthanc Saruman has studied the lore of the Rings of Power and so strong has his obsession become that he now covets the One Ring for himself. To achieve this he has allied himself with Mordor. Little does he know that the Dark Lord is using him as an instrument to strenghten the power of Mordor.

From the land of Rhûn to the east and from the land of Harad to the south come the allies of Mordor. Southrons and Easterlings have answered the summon of Sauron. From the city of Umbar ships of war set out towards the coasts of Gondor and from the plains of Harad great beasts, known as Mûmakil, are brought with the armies of the Haradrim.

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