The Breaking of the Fellowship
- A Scenario for War of the Ring

War of the Ring - The Breaking of the Fellowship is a scenario for the War of the Ring 2nd Edition board game and modifies the setup of the game.

It allows the players to begin the game at the time of the Breaking of the Fellowship. Gandalf has defeated the Balrog and been brought to Lórien by the Eagles, Merry and Pippin are about to encounter something strange in the forest of Fangorn, across the plains of Rohan three hunters embark on a perilous journey, and on the eastern shore of the river Anduín two small hobbits gaze towards Mordor and Orodruin, the mountain of fire.

Designer's Notes
This scenario is intended to provide you, the War of the Ring players, with an alternate setup and make you re-evaluate the strategies available to you. As you set up the game, pay close attention to the new starting positions of both Armies and Characters, as well as the Event cards that begin the game in play on the table and how they will affect, and be affected by, your actions. These new starting conditions will create new narratives in the world of Middle-earth and your ability to master those conditions will decide the outcome of the War of the Ring.

To download the official scenario as a pdf simply click on the image above.

Please note that some of the images on this website are a preview of Art by John Howe from "War of the Ring"
a game published by Ares Games under license from Sophisticated Games and Middle-earth Enterprises.