"The host turned away now from the road to the Fords of Isen and bent their course southward. Night fell, and still they rode on. The hills drew near, but the tall peaks of Thrihyrne were already dim against the darkening sky. Still some miles away, on the far side of the Westfold Vale, lay a green coomb, a great bay in the mountains, out of which a gorge opened in the hills. Men of that land called it Helm's Deep, after a hero of old wars who had made his refuge there."
From The Lord of the Rings

In the Rohan scenario the Shadow player must use the forces of Isengard to crush the Horse Lords of Rohan. At his command are countless Uruk Hais, Half-Orcs, Warg Riders and Hillmen of Dunland. All following the orders of Saruman of the White Hand, Saruman of Many Colors.

Against these innumerable foes stand the ill prepared men of Rohan. Their King under the influence of Saruman's lackey, Wormtongue, their Captains few and their soldiers dispersed. But hope yet lingers for the men of the Mark.

Gandalf has returned from the dead and as the White Wizard he alone can rouse Théoden King. From the east three Hunters are coming, in pursuit of abducted friends. And in the forest of Fangorn an ancient power is stirring as the forces of Isengard fuel their fires with the trees of the forest.

As the game begins Saruman has not yet launched his attacks on the Fords of Isen and the Shadow player has many ways to achieve victory, the destruction of Rohan. Will Saruman launch an all out attack quickly across the Fords in an effort to catch the Free Peoples of guard or will he slowly use Wormtongue to poison the mind of Théoden King and weaken the land of Rohan from within?

The Free Peoples player must quickly rouse the defenders available and use the Characters to the best of their abilities. Éomer, Aragorn, Gandalf and Théoden are all powerfull Characters but will they arrive in time to halt the tide of the coming Shadow or will the forces of the White Hand emerge victorius before the Ents are roused?

Please note that some of the images on this website are a preview of Art by John Howe from "War of the Ring"
a game published by Ares Games under license from Sophisticated Games and Middle-earth Enterprises.