The Corsairs faction belongs to the Southron and Easterling nation and can be brought into the war and allow the Shadow to threaten the western coasts of Middle Earth.

The Hillmen of Dunland are a faction on their own but part of the Isengard nation. The Hillmen will provide new options and strategies for the assault on Rohan as well as an option to menace the north-west of Middle Earth.

The Ents of Fangorn are no longer limited to attack Isengard. With their new rules they can now be sent to relieve Helm's Deep or even to save Lorien.

The trebuchet represents all those defensive siege engines created by the Free Peoples of Middle Earth in their efforts to halt the tide of the coming Shadow.

The siege tower represents all the develish creations of destruction brought forth by the armies of Mordor and their allies in their efforts to tear down the Strongholds of the Free Peoples.

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