War of the Ring - Warriors of Middle-earth Factions

Shadow Factions

Broods of Shelob

Shelob the Great, last child of Ungoliant, almost brought an end to the hopes of the Free Peoples, when she captured the Ring-bearer. At the same time, the evil presence of giant Spiders plagued many of the darkest corners of Middle-earth, and their role in the War of the Ring could have been different than the stories tell...

Corsairs of Umbar

The menace of the Corsairs, sailing their great ships out of the Harad city of Umbar, plagued Gondor for many years.
During the War of the Ring, the fear of their black sails made the Southern Fiefs reluctant to help Minas Tirith, and they could have done great harm, had Aragorn not defeated them in Pelargir.

Hillmen of Dunland

The wild men of Dunland considered the Horse-lords of Rohan to be usurpers of their rightful homeland, and it was easy for Sarumna to exploit this enmity to his advantage. While resolute in their hatred, the Dunlendings fear their enemies deeply and, therefor, are not very reliable in battle.

Free Peoples Factions

Dead Men of Dunharrow

The Dead Men of Dunharrow are the ghosts of a savage people, oathbreakers to the Lords of Gondor. To redeem themselves and have peace, they must fullfill their ancient oath by serving the rightful Heir of Isildur.

Ents of Fangorn

The "Sheperds of the Trees" of Fangorn are the last members of an ancient race. Enraged by the actions of the Wizard Saruman, they finally decided to enter the fray. Ents are powerful and relentless in their fury, but the Companions of the Ring must rouse them in time, in order for the Ents' intervention to be fruitful.

Eagles of the Misty Mountain

The Eagles of the Misty Mountains are the greatest birds of Middle-earth. Servants of the Valar and fierce enemies of Sauron and all the despicable creatures serving him, the Eagles are valiant and independent creatures of the air, with a strong bond to Gandalf and Radagast.

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