Promotional Mini-expansion

Treebeard, the eldest of the Ents, is the first promotional item created for War of the Ring Second Edition. Packaged as an individual Character card together with the related plastic figure, Treebeard will be available free to customers through selected promotions.

Treebeard is a very interesting addition to the game. He can be recruited into the Fangorn region by Gandalf, and while there fulfills the pre-requisite "if a Companion is in Fangorn" on the three "The Ents Awake" Event Cards. He can also become involved in battles in the area around Fangorn as well as in Rohan.

The Treebeard promotional mini-expansion can be used either with the base game, with the Lords of Middle-earth expansion, and/or with the Warriors of Middle-earth expansion.

Please note that some of the images on this website are a preview of Art by John Howe from "War of the Ring"
a game published by Ares Games under license from Sophisticated Games and Middle-earth Enterprises.