House Rules

Tweaks for the Shadow

The Stop and Mourn Rule
If a Companion is taken as a casualty to avoid Corruption after a successful Hunt the Fellowship can't move again in the same turn. Place the figure of the dead Companion in the Hunt Box as a reminder, and do not remove it until the next Fellowship phase.

The Move Back When on 2+ Rule
If the Fellowship Progress Counter is on step 2 or higher on the Fellowship Track, and the Fellowship is Revealed as the result of a successful Hunt, the Shadow player is allowed to move the Fellowship miniature (Frodo & Sam) one region on the map after the FP player has revealed their new location and reset the Fellowship track to zero.

Lose a Card When a Companion Dies
Each time a Companion is eliminated from the game a random Event Card is drawn and discarded from the FP player's hand.

Merry and Pippin, Not Great Generals
Neither Merry nor Pippin can move an Army with a Character Action Die result.

Limiting Non-beligerent Army movement
An Army is not allowed to move outside its Nation's borders unless the Nation it belongs to is "at War".

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